Ilias Periklis

Ilias Periklis, born in Athens (June 26, 1986), is firmly in the top 50 world ranking UCI (currently occupies the 31st position) and in Italy won the Brunello's Marathon in front of ex-road professional Francesco Casagrande. Protek team in runs and is constantly engaged in international competitions abroad, mainly XCO, although in his heart, else space for the discipline marathon, best suited to his characteristics.
Reading from the various interviews it turned out great attachment to the team, especially with his manager Andrea Marconi, who are known for many years.
Ilias has always raced for Greek teams (in 2007 he ran for Technal Kastro, Greek continental road team) before moving in 2008 ISD Cycling MTB team, management team in Ukrainian and directed in Italy by Marconi. Since 2010 he runs with Team Protek, we're going to know.


- Hi Perikli, next year always Team Protek. How did you get them? Are you happy with them?
Hi, the real reason I am still in the Team Protek is my manager Andrea Marconi. And for 5 years that we work together and are very happy with the 'feeling' that has been created. We reached the point where everyone knows each other very well. He always tries to do the best for me and I give my best for him! Another important reason is the team itself, there aren't problems and we have always bike to the top with the best components.

- In the next season,  what are your goals? Do you like more the marathon or cross country?
For next year my goals are the Olympic Games in LONDON, European and world championship marathon, trying to make a good presentation even in the XCO World Cup. I prefer to run in marathon races because in my opinion are better suited to my characteristics.

- Compared to last year there will be some changes in your winter training? How is your usual preparation?
There have been many changes from last year because I work with the same coach Giuseppe Toni. I prefer to keep the same training methods since this year there will be the Olympic Games in London and I will not make mistakes. In particular my winter training consists of many hours in bike combined with gym.

- What is the race that has impressed you most as track/organization?
No doubt the race in Nove Mesto Na Moravian, World Cup XCO.

- Now we turn to gossip questions...Boyfriend or single?
(laugh) I'm engaged for 2 years and my girlfriend supports me well in my career.

- How does a typical day? You also have special hobbies?
I usually get up early in the morning with a hearty breakfast and two hours after beginning training. As soon as I finish my lunch and sleep at night I go out with my friends for fun. I really enjoy cooking and when it finishes the season playing sports alternative.