瀅格超濾膜具有無與倫比的防污堵特性、搞抗藥性及高pH值耐受性 (pH范圍:1-13)。


0.9毫米 Multibore?多孔超濾膜


1.5毫米 Multibore?多孔超濾膜



0.9毫米 Multibore?多孔超濾膜


內直徑:0.9 mm

外直徑:4.0 mm

孔徑:0.02 μm


1.5毫米 Multibore?多孔超濾膜


內直徑:1.5 mm

外直徑:6.0 mm

孔徑: 0.02 μm



- 運行穩定,不斷絲

- 有效截留固體懸浮物及微生物

- 高化學藥品耐受性

- 卓越清洗性能

The patented Multibore? membrane technology combines seven individual capillaries in a highly robust fiber – an arrangement that significantly increases the membrane's stability. This eliminates the risk of fiber breakage, thereby enabling maximum operating reliability.

As well as being a solution you can rely on, inge membranes also feature excellent antifouling properties, high chemical resistance and very high pH tolerance (pH 1-13).

The membrane provides a secure barrier against suspended solids, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms and supplies a consistently high level of filtrate quality, even in cases where the composition of the original water varies. That makes it a superb option as a preliminary stage for reverse osmosis, a field in which ultrafiltration is now the state-of-the-art technology.

The quality of the source water is an important factor when choosing a suitable membrane, with one of the key aspects being the concentration of solids in the water. The inge team will be delighted to give you more detailed information on the different ways in which our membranes and modules can be put to use.

Multibore? Membrane 0.9
Our universal membrane with a 0.9 mm capillary diameter is suitable for use with a broad range of source water compositions.

Multibore? Membrane 1.5
Our heavy-duty membrane with a 1.5 mm capillary diameter is a good choice for situations where the solids concentration is high, such as backwash water for conventional filters or two-stage UF systems.

Technical Data

Multibore? Membrane 0.9
Capillaries per fibre: 7
Inside diameter: 0.9 mm
Outside diameter: 4.0 mm
Pore size: approx. 0,02 μm
Material: PESM

Multibore? Membrane 1.5
Capillaries per fibre: 7
Inside diameter: 1.5 mm
Outside diameter: 6.0 mm
Pore size: approx. 0,02 μm
Material: PESM

- High operating reliability, zero fiber breakage
- Reliable retention of suspended solids and microorganisms
- High chemical resistance
- Superb cleanability

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