dizzer? XL 0.9 MB 60W擁有較大的60平方米膜面積,dizzer? XL 0.9 MB 60W為瀅格推出的一款新一代產品。該產品的主要革新在于膜尺寸不變的情況下將處理量增加20%。若再將該產品和瀅格的T-Rack? 系統結合在一起,設計緊湊,將比傳統機架大大降低占地面積。

dizzer? XL系列組件概況:



dizzer? XL 0.9 MB 60W

60 m2

dizzer? XL 0.9 MB 36W

36 m2

dizzer? XL 1.5 MB 40W

40 m2

dizzer? XL 1.5 MB 25W

25 m2

- 緊湊型設計

- 快速、便捷安裝

- 立式安裝節省空間

- 進水口和出水口之間無須密封圈

- 運行可靠穩定

- 穩定過濾性能

The high-performance choice. One of the key features of the dizzer? XL module is its large active membrane surface for applications requiring high treatment capacity.

dizzer? XL 0.9 MB 60 W

Featuring a 60 m2 membrane surface area, the dizzer
? XL 0.9 MB 60 W marks the pinnacle of a new generation of products. Major advances in membrane geometry have boosted the water treatment capacity of this new ultrafiltration module by 20 percent – without any increase in the module’s size. Integrated in inge’s very own T-Rack? rack system, this compact system now boasts a footprint that is yet another degree smaller than conventional modular designs.

The design of the dizzer
? modules ensures optimum throughflow combined with top-class water purification. Potential applications include drinking water, process water, water for industrial use, swimming pools, sea water and waste water. The dizzer? modules operate entirely without the use of additional housings. This allows for significant savings to be made on piping, valves, fittings and installation engineering, which can result in investment costs being up to 20% lower than for pressure pipe technology.

Overview of standard dizzer? XL modules

Module designation

Active membrane area

dizzer? XL 0.9 MB 60 W

60 m2

dizzer? XL 0.9 MB 38 W

38 m2

dizzer? XL 1.5 MB 40 W

40 m2

dizzer? XL 1.5 MB 25 W

25 m2

- Compact design
- Quick and easy installation
- Space-saving vertical assembly of modules
- No seal between intake and filtrate
- High operating reliability
- Consistently high filtration performance

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