A.Dugast is handled by a Dutch craftsman, specialized in tubular's production for mountain bike, track, road and cyclocross. Dugast doesn't rely on any wholesaler/distributor, each order must be made directly to Dugast from their website and all tubulars are hand made with excellent quality and, of course, quite long time. But the end result will forget about waiting time.
Dugast Rhino XL 47mm weight - Photo by

In our test we have tried Dugast Rhino XL in version 47mm and 45mm. The tessellation is great for XC use and the distance between the various pieces that make good on muddy. The weight is right because is always XC and we can't every time to have doubt if we finish or not the race.
After the first descent it soon becomes clear why everyone is talking about Dugast, comfort is truly exceptional and tubular seems to really attack the ground, yet then in the case to push the smoothness is excellent. The tubular is suitable for use both front and rear (both rear and front position). Only advice is to evaluate the purchase of a 47mm (about 2.0) or 50mm (about 2.2), the 45mm is so narrow. The tubular is good for excellence in every moment, thanks to its super soft carcass from a great safety. Only flaw, if you can call it, is very limited duration (still less than the Tufo XC2). The structure is really soft and wears very quickly, after about 200km (within race) shows many signs of wear (especially on the rear position).
Dugast recommended aquasure's use, a special glue spread on the side of the tube to prevent mold (the structure is made of cotton), but also to make it resistant to the shoulder and to prevent ingress of mud or other. Recall that through the use of a syringe you can enter a special fluid inside the tubular (the valve doesn't come off) but be careful: to avoid corroding the structure of the cotton must use latex without ammonia (Dugast recommended Caffellatex).
Tubular to be used entirely in the race, especially the duration and performance that gives. The price is not for everyone (listin price: 99€) but on the other hand, each tube is hand made according to customer specifications.


Together with Thomas Frischknecht, A. Dugast BV took the initiative to produce MTB tyres. Slowly, but surely the market for MTB tyres was expanded and the Rhino XL became well known in the MTB-sport. A lot of sportive successes have been achieved riding the Rhino XL.
The Rhino XL is an allround tubular tyre that you can use on nearly every track. The tyre will surprise you with his comfort and low rolling resistance and with his grip. You sportive results will only benefit from this.

Width: 40, 43, 45 and 47 mm, 26” and 29” (50mm only 26")
Pressure: 1,5 – 3 bar
Weight (47 mm): 516 g


Price 3/5
Quality  5/5
Grip  5/5
Weight  5/5