SRAM brings to the fore the famous rotary controls appeared for the first time in the '90s and used in downhill Greg Herbold, where he won the World Cup downhill in 1990. The new commands will be dedicated to the XX and XO groups, but will be compatible with all groups of 2 x 10 SRAM. Will be available from April 2012 and the system will be named Grip Shift. There seems to have changed much compared to the prototypes that were seen in Las Vegas, although SRAM has not yet released any technical feature.
Not much appears to have changed compared to the prototypes we saw in Las Vegas, though SRAM are remaining tight-lipped about details and haven't released any technical specs. All they'll say is that the new shifters are designed to work with 2x10 drivetrains and will be available in XX and X0 form.
The new Grip Shift was fitted to Jaroslav Kulhavy’s Specialized S-Works Epic when he won the 2011 UCI Cross-Country World Championships. In a video posted on SRAM's website, Jon Cancellier, from SRAM's hush-hush BlackBox product development programme, says: "He really likes the fast shifting. We've taken our time to make it so there's less effort to go from gear to gear, and he was really impressed by that."
Launched in 1988, Grip Shift was the product that put SRAM on the map. It was originally aimed at road riders and triathletes but a variant was soon developed for mountain bikers. The company went on to develop trigger shifters and Grip Shift fell out of the limelight, although it remained in the SRAM line-up at the behest of cross-country racers, who loved its light weight. This is the first time a version compatible with modern 10-speed cassettes and double cranksets has been produced.


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