(GOOGLE TRANSLATE)Team Corratec Elettroveneta is forced to close its doors to its third season as a UCI team. Surely the Elettroveneta Corratec team was one of the most internationally competitive abbianando great results in both XC and Marathon both . The honors are the European Championship Marathon ( Medvedev - 2011), the European Championships Team Relay (Casagrande - 2012) , twice the Alpen Tour Trophy (Medvedev and Hynek 2011 and 2013) , a Dolomiti Superbike Marathon (Hynek - 2013) and more than 30 victories in GF / MX and Italian.

General Manager Andrea Pendini tells you so "If the sponsor has placed in us the confidence and believes in our program, the responsibility of the Manager is a lot because we must not disappoint in any way . So many times I explained to the staff and athletes that we sponsor if the sponsor or rather we " gave "one € 1, we commit him to return at the end of the season € 1.5 in terms of image , always working with professionalism and ambition in achieving remarkable results . I believe that Elettroveneta - Corratec he succeeded , born from the ashes of an amateur team has always kept a profile of humility , growing year after year to get to where we all know".

"In the future we'll see. Now honestly I prefer to enjoy my free time, with less responsibility, but certainly with greater harmony . When it is quiet then the ideas and turn your head to one thousand and who knows, the batteries are recharged quickly as the economic crisis will surely go ... Rio is just around the corner".

PROFILE Elettroveneta Corratec