天真積極開展與國外知名企業的交流合作,與德國巴斯夫(BASF),美國陶氏(DOW),日本電工集團海德能(Nitto Denko Hydranautics)K1彩票|手机app下载,西門子(SIEMENS)等業內一流的知名企業有良好的合作關系K1彩票|手机app下载K1彩票|手机app下载,在ROK1彩票|手机app下载K1彩票|手机app下载、UF等膜系統安裝、維護及運行改善方面有著國內領先的技術實力K1彩票|手机app下载。天真擁有一批具有創新意識K1彩票|手机app下载、實戰經驗豐富的工程服務工程師K1彩票|手机app下载,使得公司的各類產品和相關服務能緊跟市場變化,應變客戶多元化的需求。



Shanghai Tianzhen Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2012 with a registered capital of three million yuan. We are specialized in developing the water treatment technology , installing and maintaining the project, and also importing and exporting the goods which is related with water treatment. Main company business covers selling of water treatment equipment&accessories, instruments and chemical items, also installation and maintenance of project on water treatment systems.

We have been actively cooperated with many well-known enterprises both in domestic and abroad, including BASF, DOW, Nitto Denko Hydranautics, SIEMENS and so on . We have a leading technical strength at installation, maintenance and improvements on RO, UF membrane system . We have a number of innovative and experienced engineers, so that our products and services can always follow up with the needs of market and consumers.

So far, our business involves in several areas, including projects in electric power, steel, chemical, beverage and municipal fields. Our clients are in nearly twenty provinces and cities all over the country. Based on the universality of the clients, we understand the water quality characteristics of various industries more deeply in order to make our own technology in the field of chemical water treatment remains at forefront of the industry.

We will be adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, to provide high quality products and services for the general customers.

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